Female martial arts students practices Jiu Jitsu on the mats of a martial arts schoolWhen you start along a martial arts journey, you may not realize (at first) what you’re committing to along the way. Eventually, the newness and excitement of starting something new will fade. Life will happen, and your priorities will change. As a result, you might find yourself frustrated and discouraged. You might feel like giving up altogether.

Here are a few tips to try when you feel like giving up on your martial arts practice:

1. Remind yourself to be patient.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as overnight success in martial arts. Rather than expecting instant results, you have to check your expectations and ego and be realistic about the process. The rewards will come, but it takes time and effort to get there. It’s possible to go several weeks without any noticeable improvement. But if you’re patient, then you’ll experience feelings of success and accomplishment.

2. Expect both ups and downs.

Progress in martial arts is hardly ever linear. Which means you’ll have both ups and downs along the way. If you’re feeling disappointed or discouraged about your training, you’re not alone. When you’re chasing a long-term pursuit, you’re bound to feel this way. And it’s normal for these feelings to come and go. Sometimes taking a step back and understanding how you’re feeling is also part of the process can be enough to shift your perspective and stick with your training.

3. Don’t forget about all the benefits.

Sometimes it’s so easy to focus on the negative thoughts and feelings that you lose track of the positive. When you’re feeling like giving up, don’t lose track of all the benefits martial arts brings to your life. Come back to what got you excited about martial arts in the first place. Focus on how things have changed for the better or how you’ve grown throughout the process.

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