Tae-Kwon-Do-Promotes-Personal-Growth-Believe-MMATae Kwon Do strengthens the body and the mind. And by taking a disciplined approach, students learn skills that translate to life beyond their martial arts practice and lead to growth.

Here are three of the ways Tae Kwon Do promotes personal growth beyond the mats:

1. Demonstrating Respect

Tae Kwon Do demands a level of respect that promotes structure and discipline. Students are required to respect their martial arts school and adhere to its rules. There is also an expectation that students will come to class neatly dressed and prepared to focus. At the same time, students learn to respect and honor their instructors and hold themselves to a high standard of self-respect. The respect learned through a martial arts practice carries into other settings, including school, home, and the community.

2. Personal Accountability

In addition to the expectation of demonstrating respect, students of Tae Kwon Do are responsible for their behavior and actions during class. Each student is accountable for their actions and behavior. Students are also accountable for their effort and focus during class. Each student must come to class prepared to learn and ready to focus. Students who pay attention and follow the rules demonstrate responsibility while honoring their peers and instructors. These actions develop essential life skills and promote accountability in school, work, and many other areas of daily life.

3. Self-Confidence

Because Tae Kwon Do involves promotion through belt ranks, it offers students the chance to see personal progress and strive for future improvement. Students who work hard and progress through each belt rank experience a sense of accomplishment and an increase in self-confidence. The confidence students gain by owning their efforts and achievements can then be carried into their daily lives.

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