Returning to Martial Arts after Time Away

A female martial arts students tapes her hands to prepare for classIf you find yourself ready to return to martial arts after taking time off, it can also feel a little strange. Here are a few suggestions on how to return to martial arts after some time away:

Manage your expectations.

When getting back to martial arts after a break, try to keep your expectations in check. As much as you probably want to pick up right where you left off, that’s not realistic. So instead, give yourself a chance to figure out where you are physically and mentally and then build from there.

Focus on yourself.

As you return to martial arts, keep focusing on yourself. Avoid comparing yourself to other students in the class. Rather than spending valuable time sizing up others and seeing how you stack up, focus on getting your skills back and making personal improvements.

Be patient.

Until you get started with training, you won’t really know your current level. So be patient as you’re figuring out where you stand with your training. And as you start to build back up, do so gradually. Ramping up too quickly could lead to an injury and create a situation where you have to take even more time off from training.

Rebuild overall fitness.

Taking some time to review foundational skills is important when you return to martial arts. These skills include the physical elements that make up your overall fitness. For example, you might find that your level of endurance, strength, power, agility, flexibility, and coordination has changed. But, if you stick with consistent training, you’ll get that fitness back.

Get in touch with your instructor.

When you’re ready to return to martial arts, get in touch with your instructor. Let them know that you’ll be coming back, so it’s not a surprise when you walk through the doors. It’s not always easy to make a comeback. But, by telling your instructor, you have someone to hold you accountable for showing up for that first day back on the mats.

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