How-to-Deal-with-Martial-Arts-Training-Setbacks-Believe-MMADealing with any type of setback in your martial arts training can be frustrating and discouraging. And the negative feelings that tend to arise can make you feel even worse. A training setback might come in the form of an injury, training plateau, career, or family challenge that could put your training on hold.

If you’re experiencing a step backward, here are a few suggestions on how to deal with any martial arts training setbacks:

1. Try something new.

If you’re experiencing a setback that prevents you from continuing your training, use this as an opportunity to try out something new. You might be able to try out a different martial arts style or switch to a non-martial arts activity. Try to stay focused on what you can do until you’re ready to return to your training.

2. Maintain a physical outlet.

It’s okay to be frustrated when you’re dealing with setbacks. But if you try to act that everything is still going well, you can make any negative emotions worse. Rather than ignoring your frustration, try to maintain a healthy way to deal with your stress and negative thoughts. If you’re not able to train, go for a walk or chat with a friend who’s gone through a similar experience. You could also ask about setting a time to speak with your instructor. Do what you can to stay active and maintain a consistent non-martial arts workout routine.

3. Set new goals or revise your existing ones.

Another way to deal with a training setback is by setting new goals or revising the goals you’d previously set. Goals can give you some direction and something to work toward. Continuing to achieve even small objectives can help you stay motivated by providing a sense of accomplishment when you complete a goal.

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