Martial-Arts-Training-in-a-Rut-Believe-MMAIf you’ve been training martial arts for a while, you may have experienced a plateau. What can you do when you feel like your martial arts training is in a rut?

1. Try something new.

To get past a plateau, try something new. If you’ve been training one style of martial arts, mix things up and take a class in a new style. If you want to stick with the same style, try a class at a new time of day. You’ll train with a new group of people and potentially a different instructor.

2. Set clear and specific goals.

If you set martial arts goals for this year, how are those going? If it’s been a while since you thought about your goals, then now is a good time to revisit them. Are they still relevant to your training? Do you need to make any adjustments? Did you forget that you even set goals?

Having a clear and specific focus can give your martial arts training more purpose. Rather than showing up for class and going through the motions, you’ll know exactly what you’re working toward. Once you achieve your goals, the sense of accomplishment provides a boost in your self-confidence and motivates you to set and work toward new goals.

3. Focus on the small steps.

Martial arts training is a marathon, not a sprint. Not only do you have to be patient, but you also have to learn how to get past those times you feel like you’re not making any progress. When your ultimate goal takes several months or even years to accomplish, then shift your focus to the smaller steps. Taking a long-term objective and breaking it down to smaller steps gives you a way to see your progress over time. Rather than feeling like you’re not getting any closer to your goal, achieving smaller objectives will be the evidence you need to stick with your training.

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