How-to-Supplement-Your-BJJ-Training-Believe-MMABJJ is a great martial arts program for increasing your strength, building endurance, and finding mobility. Every workout program should have some variety, however, and there are ways that you can supplement your training to ultimately help you better succeed in your fitness goals, as well as help to make you a better fighter.


For mobility and stretching, yoga just can’t be beat. Poses and movements work to help your muscles become more elastic and help to prevent injury in the future. Once you’ve started taking yoga classes, you’ll notice a difference in how far you’re able to bend, especially during warm-ups before class and while grappling.


Every martial arts class has an aspect of cardio that contributes to how exhausted you can feel by the end of the class. Taking some time to focus solely on your cardio, however, can be beneficial in your endurance, and help you to become less tired on the mat. Running and biking are great, but if you’re looking for something full-body and low impact, swimming is an excellent option to get in some laps and increase your endurance.


High-intensity interval training classes have a lot in common with the physicality of BJJ, but offer different techniques and exercises to get to the same place. Targeting specific muscle groups through HIIT classes can help improve your weak spots, ultimately allowing you to become stronger over time and grow your muscles.

There is a myriad of ways to supplement your BJJ training, but what will always remain most important is showing up to class, being present, and giving it your all. Take classes, find how you can improve, and supplement with the right type of exercise to help you achieve your goals.

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