Choosing-the-Right-Martial-Art-for-You-Believe-MMABelieve MMA offers Brazilian jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, and taekwondo for kids and adults alike. If you’re interested in joining a martial art but aren’t sure exactly which one’s for you, this short guide can help you understand the basics of each, as well which one may be right for you.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This martial art centers around ground-based grappling and can commonly be seen in UFC fights. For those who are concerned about people being in their personal space “bubble”, BJJ isn’t the way to go. Traditionally performed in a gi (though no gi BJJ is also available), this martial art is all about sport and competition, facing off against an opponent on the mat. Also, if you’re looking to find a martial art that teaches self-defense, BJJ isn’t the avenue to learn that.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts (or MMA) is a better route to take if you’re interested in self-defense. It’s not only great for self-defense, however. Because students of MMA are learning a bunch of different styles and techniques (from BJJ to Muay Thai), it’s an extremely exhaustive workout that’s great for those seeking out the fitness elements of a martial art. If you’re interested in an all-around great learning experience, MMA might be right for you.


Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts and can even be seen in the Olympics. Flying kicks, punches, and throws make it a thrill to watch and a great sport for those on the more active side. Taekwondo offers a great competition aspect as well, but those who are looking to compete may find themselves buying quite a bit of gear to make sure they’re properly protected.

Though each martial art has it’s pros and cons, it’s really about getting out there and trying it for yourself to see what you’re comfortable with. The varied classes can help you get an idea for what each martial art is about and find which one challenges you in the right ways. To find out more about our options, or to set up your first class, contact us today at Believe MMA.