Child-Wants-to-Quit-Martial-Arts-Believe-MMAThere are so many benefits that martial arts has for kids. It helps them develop essential life skills like self-discipline, focus, and self-confidence. Martial arts also encourages an active, healthy lifestyle. And, it’s fun!

So, despite all of these benefits, what do you do when your child tells you that they want to quit martial arts?

1. Talk to Them About Why

Whether it’s martial arts or another activity, the first step is to understand. Before you say yes or no, or convince your child to stick with it, try to understand why they want to quit. If they answer vaguely, like “I just don’t feel like going,” gently push for more information.

Your child may tell you that it’s too hard. Perhaps there is a kid in class that teases them. Or maybe the instructor is too strict. Or, the activity just isn’t any fun. Understanding the specific reason for quitting helps you figure out your next course of action.

2. Offer Alternatives

Once you’ve figured out why your child wants to quit, there might be an alternative solution. Offering alternatives can present a solution that keeps them involved in martial arts. Alternatives can alleviate some of the problems your child has with martial arts rather than wanting to quit altogether.

You can start the conversation with, “What if we…” and then offer some alternatives:

…talked to your instructor about it.
…went to class on a different day or at a new time.
…try it for a few more weeks.

3. Explain the Benefits

Don’t make your child feel bad about wanting to quit. Instead, help them to understand the benefits of continuing. If your child says they want to quit because “it’s too hard” or they’re “not good at it,” then it might help to share some of the benefits that they might not see for themselves. Like, they get to see their friends in class. Or, they’re working their way to the next belt rank.

At Believe MMA, we teach kids important values, such as self-discipline and patience. And we encourage kids to stick around and keep practicing, even when things are tough, in all areas of life.

If you’re interested in learning more about the martial arts programs that we have to offer, contact us today.